Global pandemic situation has made a lot of changes in the entire digital marketing in this year 2021. As the online marketer, everyone has to be aware and pay attention to the latest trends in the email marketing. Then only, you can able to be on the top of the best changing practices without disturbing your actual marketing strategy. Following are the best 2021 email marketing predictions in order to boost the engagement of your brand ahead of all competitors and also earn more profits. 

Email marketing predictions:

Email marketing is not actually the new concept in the digital marketing industry because it has been there for more than 40 years. When the digital marketers want to be on the top of the market, it is crucial to navigate the ever changing marketing methods, strategies, features and software like latest AMS 4.3 If you understand the following email marketing predictions for this New Year 2021, you can easily and quickly boost your brand engagement and also revenue. They include,

  • Hyper personalization

Hyper personalization is nothing but the email personalization in which the personalized subject lines are about 26 % probably to be opened. The personalized emails will obtain six times higher transaction rates. If the digital marketers are highly familiar with the email marketing, personalization always matters a lot. Based on the campaign monitor, the emails with the custom subject lines will be 26 % possibly to be opened.    

  • Interactive emails

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages which are the great things for the interactive emails. Using this AMP, the marketers can add the highly interactive content directly into your marketing mail messages. When you wish to show off the various products, you can able to add the shopping and carousel options right in the email rather than linking out to the landing page. But at the same time, not all email marketing service providers give the best support to this AMP. You have to put pressure on your marketing service provider to gain all these benefits. 

  • Text only emails

When it comes to the email marketing predictions, the online marketers can expect to see most of the things text only emails. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that you will not send the emails with eye catching images and GIFs. It just means that there is not necessity to add them. Even in this text only email, you can also follow the trend of hyper personalization to send any email to your friends or family members.

  • Increased investment in email marketing

Due to the current pandemic situations, most of the email marketers are looking for the affordable marketing options which will also have the higher ROI. Generally, the email marketing has the greater return on investment of any marketing strategy so your marketing investment will also be increased to send or receive the emails. 

More about email marketing predictions:

  • Bright colors

When you would like to send the marketing emails to the bulk amount of customers, you have to effectively use the email marketing templates, images, and designs in order to make them bright and bold. There are several brands of email template creator and designer available today in the market. From among them, you have to pick the best brand which completely embraces the bold colors in your email marketing. 

  • Automation

If the marketers are combining the analytics with the email marketing, you can just activate hyper personalized mail marketing campaigns which are according to the behaviour of the user. It just looks like allowing your subscribers to select the key details which they wish to receive from you & sending or how often custom shopping recommendations based on the history of your purchase. 

  • Omnichannel marketing for lead nurturing

When it comes to the Omnichannel marketing, the following are the most important things such as,

  • online ecommerce marketplaces
  • Social media ad re-marketing 
  • Organic social
  • Organic search
  • Sales outreach through LinkedIn, email, cold calls, and some other outbound and inbound marketing tactics
  • Podcasts
  • Youtube videos
  • Programmatic ad re-marketing
  • Privacy 

For all types of email marketing, GDPR privacy has now become the most important thing to streamline the best practices of the email marketing.